Wowza…a musing

Gosh how long has it been since the last time I updated this blog?????

Was it 2 years ago? 3 years ago? I don’t know but maybe stumbling on here again means something. After all so much has happened in my life there’s so many thoughts in my head that I desperately needed to let out I desperately needed an outlet a way to express myself without being judged without being silenced.

And so here I am back in the blogging game.

Hopefully for good.









Wow. I haven’t posted here for a while. I haven’t abandoned this blog though (to the very few people who actually care) I’m still gonna post some stuff..or I’ll try to post some stuff and keep this blog updated again. A lot of things had happen some great ones, some not so great ones so I’m sure I have a lot to create content from.

Here’s hoping I see things through.

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An essay on gay people. And why hating on them is hella stupid.

I believe homosexuality is not a sin. I believe being gay is not wrong. I believe falling in love with the same gender is not going against God’s will. I always have and I always will. It’s that simple.

So, the point of this article is to go over the arguments against gay people, and give you an insight on why those arguments are wrong.

The first argument against homosexuality is that God doesn’t approve of it. That being gay is a ticket straight to hell.

Well, some people do know a lot about what God wants, huh?

Oh right. They get those ideas from reading the bible.

People always argue over this issue. Those on the opposing side just love to quote the bible just to justify their intolerance. You can’t imagine how homophobic people quote verses from Leviticus just so they can feel good about the hate they’re giving. The sad part about this is homosexuals aren’t the only people getting affected Christians are getting probed as well.

Here’s the thing I am a Christian. I go to Church every Sunday, I take communion and, yes, I read the Bible too and I don’t just skim over it for verses I actually read it. Okay so I don’t read it right now, too busy. But I know enough to know that the reasons they are using against homosexuality is complete and utter bullshit.

Not saying the bible itself is bad I’m saying the way people use it as an excuse to hate others is.

Let’s take a look at a “popular” bible verse against gay people and see just how “relevant” they are.

-“One must not lay with a man as one would lay with a woman. It is an abomination.”( Leviticus 20: 13.)
The people who are against homosexuality must have jumped with joy when they saw this verse. It’s easy for them to say that the Bible condemns homosexuality. While it is true that Leviticus and other verses in the Bible do hint on the fact that same sex relationship could be frowned upon , Jesus Christ, Himself, has never mentioned anything about homosexuality, therefore God never directly said anything negative about gay people.

Let’s not forget that all the verses in the Bible that are against homosexuality were found in the Old Testament. The Old Testament which is filled with rules and laws that doesn’t apply to our century anymore. The Bible does condemn homosexuality. You know what else i condemns? Eating sea food (Leviticus: 11:9 -12) my heart broke when I read that part. I love crabs! The Bible also condemns playing with the skin of a pig (Leviticus: 11:7-8) Bye, bye American football! Gee, the Bible sure condemns a lot of stuff. Do guys see a pattern here?

Another reason they use against homosexuality is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Ok, ok if you read the verse as the verse is written you can easily think that God was condemning the city because they were engaging in homosexual activities. Well, I read the verse too and I almost thought of it that way, until I took the time to study and understand the story. Yes it’s true that some people were engaging in homosexual act but some of them were engaging in heterosexual act as well. The reason why God frowned upon Sodom and Gomorrah was because the people were using sex as a game, and no matter how you look at it sex is supposed to be an act of love and attraction and the fact that they’re using sex as nothing more than a fixture is something that God does not approve of. Another issue which centers on Sodom and Gomorrah is the angel that was almost raped by two men. It’s easy to look at what the two men wanted to do as an act of homosexuality. Here’s the thing: the two men wanted to rape the angel. They didn’t fall in love with him; they wanted to take advantage of him. God wouldn’t have any of that. There’s a chance that that’s the real reason why He condemned Sodom and Gomorrah. It wasn’t because there were homosexuals there. It was because the people are using sex for the wrong reasons.

That and they worship other gods. I respect the Bible as much as I respect the church. But even if the verses there are supposed to be God’s words and God’s messages, the book was still written by men who can misinterpret stories and men who can make mistakes.

I’m not saying we should disregard the Bible. No, I’m saying that we shouldn’t use it to condemn other people.

Also, the bible isn’t a legal document and we should’t base our judgement or any laws on it. Specially if that law is taking away a group of people’s rights and humanity.

Another issue that can be used against gay people is the stories about men raping little boys.

Here’s something that may shock you: Young boys are raped more by straight men rather than gay men. Hard to believe, right? These men rape boys because they are easier to get to, if there were girls near them they would have raped the girls as well.

I might make another blog explaining rape but right now we need to stay on topic. A few important things you need to know about sexual harassment is that it’s not about sexuality or sex, it’s about power. Rapists don’t get off on the sex or their victim’s sexuality, sometimes they don’t get off at all, it’s all about dehumanizing people regardless of their sex and gender.

So, putting gay people in the category of sexual abusers is kind o stupid, specially if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Yes, I know that there are some gay people who take advantage on others, but some heterosexual people do it too. It’s important to take note that there’s always going to be something bad in a certain group of people,but judging the whole group base on that minority of bad kinda makes you a jerk.

Here’s the thing. You can use a lot of excuses; you can give out a lot of reasons why you think homosexuality is wrong. But reading only one side of the story would not help you very much. I’m not trying to shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat by writing this essay.

I’m just saying what I feel and what I believe in. I’ve always believe in agreeing to disagree. To each one’s own, right? For instance, if you don’t like blue berry cheesecake, I would probably think you’re insane because I freaking love blue berry cheesecake! But I will still respect your opinion.

However,when it comes to the rights of a person it’s a different story. If you think that a large portion of population don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else just because they happen to be attracted to the same sex,you’re a douche and you’re opinion doesn’t deserve any respect.

Yes it’s true that opinions should be respected. It’s everyone’s right. But the thing is not all opinions are as simple as preferring ice cream over cake. When your opinion hurts others you need to stand accountable. I have the right to have a different opinion as you. It’s my right to tell you why your opinions are misinformed and hurtful. I have the right to my feelings. There is a right and wrong and being the cause of suffering is wrong. If you’re going to use the Bible against homosexuality, why don’t you go back and read Jesus’ new commandment: Love one another as much as He loves us. These words actually came from Him. He actually said them. His law is plain and simple. He wants us to love one another. Do you think love means sending the gay kid in your school hate mail? Do you think that throwing your own child out just because they support the rights of other people is love? Do you think that telling people that they’re going to hell because they were born a certain way is love? No! It’s not. Love is about acceptance. If you can’t accept others then you can’t love them. So who’s going against God’s will now? The people who just want to live their lives with the people they love or the people who condemn and judge?

A few years from now, our children’s children will look back at the people who believe that homosexual’s can’t get married the same way we look back at the people who used to think that black people and white people can’t be together, the same way we look back at men who used to believe that women don’t have the right to vote, the same way we look back at Hitler and what he did to the Jews, and they will shake their heads in disbelief and in perplexity. A few years from now, the next generation of children will open their History books and will read about gay people being oppressed and deprived of their rights and these children will look at the people who oppressed them with disgust. Here’s my advice for the people who condemn homosexuality, for every Bible screwing thick heads, and for everyone who wants to deprive others of their rights just because you don’t agree with the way they are, open your mind and open your heart. Acceptance is so much better than prejudice. Compassion is so much better than hatred. It’s time to start understanding and stop judging. Because if you keep looking at the world with prejudice in your heart and bigotry in your mind, you might end up in the wrong side of History.

Top 5 Animes

Just like how it says in the title, i’m going to be listing 5 animes that I love. Before we move on, let me just say that these is solely based on personal opinion. I’m not saying that the shows on my list are the best, or their better than other animes, because I know there are animes out there that are way better than the ones on my list, as far as popularity go, but for a more personal taste, these five are the ones that I loved watching and hold close to my heart.

Lets start off this list with my number 5 pick.

5) Honey and Clover

This anime is gorgeous. The art is fantastic, I mean if it had sucked as an anime I would just be content at looking at graphics because it’s that good, and I love the soft colors and warmth in every scene. But the good thing about this anime is that it isn’t just good for the eyes, it is actually good.  As far as writing goes, it has a really good concept. I love that all the characters have depth and their own struggles making them like real people while still maintaining the anime like character concept in their personality. I also adore the right mix of drama and humor, and as a writer, it’s the kind of thing I hope to write about someday. One of the thing that makes this show amazing is the way it treats falling in love, and how it shows its audience that it’s just complex and heartbreaking as it is beautiful. Because if you’ve watched this anime, you know that being in love isn’t all sparkly eyes and flowery backgrounds. That’s why this anime is so good because it’s real, and it pulls you in with its depth while still entertaining you with its humor.

4) Ouran High School Host Club

First of, I want to live in this universe. I want to go to that school and I want to run my hand on Mori’s chest.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m gonna review the series now. What I love most in this anime is the main character Haruhi. I mean, I love how she’s so independent, and bad ass (yes. she’s a badass. you don’t have to know how to fight to be one.), but isn’t a complete mary-sue because she still has some flaws which is what a main character should be. As far stories go. It’s actually the harem/reverse harem style anime that I like. (not counting Fushigi Yugi. Because that anime falls more in the action/adventure genre) Going back to the characters, I love how each of them are deep and real as oppose to the arch type they assigned to please their customers taste. Speaking of which, I love the fact that this show is about a club that makes women happy. Not with sex, but with just making them feel special. I mean, these are guys who just sit and talk with women, so these girls would feel good, and I think that’s awesome.

3) Special A

This anime is so awesome. And I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I love it more than Ouran, and that’s saying something because Ouran was an anime that I re-watched 10 times.

Moving on to the review, the one thing that I love about this anime is the characters’ friendship, and how close their bond is, which is something  that pulls me in as a viewer. Ok, as far as anime goes, this show isn’t all that special. (heh heh play on words) but it made my top 3 because of the emotional connections I have with the characters, and the happiness they give me. One of the most memorable thing about this anime is the individual love stories of each pairs, and how each are approached in unique and different ways.

2) K-ON

Awesome music, lovable characters, good humor. If you would ever describe this anime, those are the three phrases you would more than likely use for this musical awesome sauce of awesomeness.  This is the kind of anime that pulls you in with the “moe” and cutesey stuff, but as you go deeper in the story, you’ll find yourself getting more involved with the characters, and getting more invested in their story. The one thing that gets me about this anime is that unlike, the first three animes in my list that you know have a more deeper concept, K-on catches you off guard. I came in watching the series, expecting nothing more than laughs and cute characters,but as the series went on, I found myself in an emotional whirlwind. This anime is a comedy not much of a slice of life, but in spite of that, it still gives a real feel which is reflected in all its wonderful characters.

Before we move on to number 1. Let’s first look at some honorable mentions.

Dragon Ball Z, Wedding Peach, Fushigi Yugi, Hunter X Hunter, Pokemon, Samurai X, Get Backers, and Full Metal Alchemist.

Now the first 5 are for nostalgia purposes because they were the animes that I loved watching as a kid. I mean, I loved those shows way before I knew what anime was or what being an otaku is. I didn’t even know they were anime I just thought they were really awesome animated shows. Get Backers because, once in a while I love me some action, and it’s actually one of the first shows I watched when I finally got a full concept of what being an anime fan is about. And FMA cause…come on. It’s Full Metal Alchemist. I don’t have to explain why I like this show. Come on.

The reason why these shows aren’t in my top 5 is because I prefer shoujo and  slice of life animes, as oppose to the action/adventure ones. Don’t get me wrong, I still like watching animes that have bad-ass characters with awesome powers who go on kick ass adventures, but if I have to chose between the two genres I prefer the former. Because when I watch anime, I usually do it for comfort and I don’t want to give more emotional investment than I’m more likely to give. (I already go through that crap with live action shows and comic books) And slice of life animes though have their share of dramas, aren’t as extereme as the action/adventure ones that have characters dying.

Now, without further ado, my number one favorite anime of all time is.

Boku no Piko.

An adult having sex with someone who looks young enough to be a kid? Awesome. And I’m lying so hard. This show is a big no-no.  Please don’t watch it.

My actual favorite and the real number one on my list is

1) Card Captor Sakura.

This anime. THiS ANIME. I want to keep it forever and ever. I love this show so much that even if I ended up hating anime, I would still love this show. CCS is the kind of show that has a lot to offer. It’s an action/adventure, but it still has that feel good concept I look for in an anime. As far as story and writing goes, the plot and concept is amazing. I like how it borrows concept from other magical girl animes, but still maintain its own uniqueness. And the animation is gorgeous, and ahead of its time. I also like how everything and everyone is interwoven with each other without it being too obvious that it borders on cliche. As far as characters go, I love every single one of them. My heart will forever be with Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo and Meilin. These four are my babies, and I love them so much. Speaking of Tomoyo and Meilin, I love the message that these two send to the viewers, and that is true love means wanting the person you love to be happy, even if you’re not the cost of that happiness. I also love the slow burn of the four’s friendship, how Syaoran and Meilin started out as rivals to Sakura and an acquaintance to Tomoyo, but then developed into something deeper and into an actual friendship. This show has great plot, lovable relatable characters, and just the right hint of cute and romance that puts the icing to this cake. Card Captor Sakura is one of the animes that shows the concept of what an anime is all about.

So there you go. My favorite animes. I hope you liked this one. And I might write more of this top picks/reviews thing.

Oh! And if you happen to be a fan of the five animes I listed above or at least of a fan of the slice of life genre like I am…why don’t you click on the link below for a little something something

Anime recs

Falling apart

It was a truth that wasn’t the truth,

it was a fallacy fabricated, and rooted from something   you need but never what you want.

You accepted a promise I didn’t make.

You twisted the strings in your own heart, and  asked me to untangle  the chord.

It wasn’t a game I was willing to play,

You believed in what you thought, now everything’s falling in an emotional discord.

A sour note of heartbreaks, and heartaches, I never wanted to be a part of.

I’m sorry.

I really am.




I can’t see the stars

I can’t see the stars anymore

The moon’s shy itself away hiding from the burn of street lamps, and artificial lights.

I can’t see the stars anymore

The night sky is as plain and as black as the darkness I see behind my eyes

I can’t see the starts anymore.

I mourn for the death of the sky.