A letter from a maker

We create because we need to
and it’s a need that’s an ache
it tortures us in the best of ways.

We are souls trapped in the confines of flesh and bones and blood
and we need to create to breathe
We breathe through every word
through every sound
through every move
through every shape

We create to teach.
to impart, and to connect.
It is the very core of our existence
the purpose of our being.

We create because we’re human
and we’re human because we create.


Bucket list: The place I want to visit.

One of the places I would throw everything away just to get a chance to visit is France.

I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to step foot in the country that prides itself on romance and passion and style and fashion.



However, those things wouldn’t be the reason why I want to go there.


Yes, yes..it’s the “City of Love” and the Fashion Capital of the world…but there’s a side of France that I want to explore. A more historical and stimulating side that goes beyond the romanticizing of rom-com movies and Woman’s literature.




Everyone knows that France is the perfect place if you are looking a little

excitement and passion in your life.


But if there is one place that I am extremely excited about…the place that would be a million times better than kissing a hot French person with… is the Chateau de Versailles or, to roughly translate it in English,

the Palace of Versailles.



Where do I even begin…“how do I love thee? Let me count the ways”


Of course, the fact that I have never been in the place makes it weird how

much I adore it.


But…come on! How can you not love it?


I mean, just looking at a picture makes your heart beat fast!


The Palace of Versailles is just one of the most popular tour spot in France and judging how magnificent it is, I’m not really surprise. I swear there will never be any dull moments in the palace.


The Palace of Versailles just screams splendor everywhere you turn.




The eminent palace is beautifully decorated with luxurious gold brushed furniture, beautifully quilted four-poster beds and verdant lawns that stretches as far as the eye could see.


You won’t believe just how huge the place is and there is no denying that The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world.


With its array of beautiful art works and elaborate design, this place is nothing less than beautiful.



The Palace of Versailles is just one of the beautiful

architectural masterpieces that Paris is famous for.

But The Palace of Versailles is more than just a beautiful palace

where tourist can take pictures of.


Because of my obsession regarding the place…I looked up every information I could find about the subject and  I realized that behind the glorious and magnificent architecture and the beautiful decorative approach lies a History that is the complete opposite of the splendor that most people see.



I learned that before the French Revolution, around the years 1789 to 1799, the upper class men of Paris and the French monarchy lived a life of absolute luxury, while the poor people of the

country experience the hardships

of life.


 I have to say that nothing much has changed since the same 

thing is happening during our own time.





I found out that the rich completely ignored the poor while they suffer

living in filth and going for days even weeks without anything to eat. During the reign of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, the country has experienced a

crisis where all workers of the country couldn’t even afford a single piece of bread.



Though to tourists, the palace is just another stop to a wonderful vacation in a foreign country, to the people who live in Paris and whose families

lived the history of the palace, The Palace of Versailles was built to signify the power and splendor of King Louis XIV but it also represents the huge

line that separates the rich people of France and the poor people of France.






This just goes to show that behind every thing…there is a story waiting to be told.


But in spite of it’s dark past…the Palace still holds an air of beauty and elegance to it that is reflected in the magnificent art works and brilliant



Truly, one of my biggest dreams is to experience the grandeur and

magnificence of The Palace of Versailles.


Hidden among the buzzing of the modern world, this wonderful and majestic

European castle that resides the outskirts of Paris is a perfectly preserved

example of the architectural brilliance of Paris, France.




There is a certain magic that exists in the presence of

The Palace of Versailles and someday...I know I will experience that magic. 


In which I rant.

The biggest reason why I am all for the RH bill and family planning and all that shit, is because some people are not meant to be parents. Believe me when I say that there are people out there who are incapable of raising children. Biologically, it’s possible for most boys and girls to make babies, but when it comes to taking care of them, that’s a different story.

Take me for instance, I’m a slacker, I have a nasty temper, I spend almost everyday online, and if I had a baby I would probably end up eating them. And it’s great that I know. It’s great that I know myself and what kind of person I am and what kind of a parent I will become.

And life would be easier if other people started thinking like this.

If you’re an idiot you shouldn’t be a parent.
If you’re irresponsible you shouldn’t be a parent.
If you’re selfish and you only think about your own well being you shouldn’t be a parent.
If you have the mentality of a child you shouldn’t be a parent
If you don’t know how to respect children you shouldn’t be a parent
If you don’t know how to respect your spouse you shouldn’t be a parent.
If you are incapable of love and caring for other human beings you shouldn’t be a parent.

Seriously, I am so pissed off because there are others out there who would give anything for their kids but society deems them unworthy to have children and there are assholes out there who don’t know shit about treating their kids but it’s ok for them to be parents.

That’s just screwed up!

No kid wants to feel like their parents hate them, no kid ever wants to feel inferior and worthless in their parent’s eyes.

But there are some kids who do.

Because their parents make them feel that way.

And sometimes I feel sorry for those people because maybe they never wanted the responsibility of being parents in the first place. And maybe they can’t help but be awful.

Going back, this is why I’m pro choice.

This is why I’m all for birth control and family planning.

Because I want every child’s life to matter.

A place of Grandeur


The Philippines is one of Asia’s paradise. Needless to say, we have a handful of tourist destinations that is recognized worldwide, and has earned rave reviews through travel magazines and travel blogs.


However, I would like to focus on the one place that is closest to my heart; Zambales.


This Province is known as a melting pot of people from all walks of life.


Located in Central Luzon and situated by the West Philippine Sea, this Province consist of more tourist spots like Subic and Iba where people frequent every summer and holidays due to its pristine beaches and natural resources, a fact that has been sensationalize recently as China battles it’s claim over Moccasin Island; which was the former capital of the province, rich in natural resources and rich corals; it has been the interest of many.


Zambales truly is a place of wonder, so many sights to visit ,and so many places to be unraveled.


One special place that I would love to impart is a quaint town called Cabangan.



I always look forward to the Holidays because that’s usually the time where we visit this magnificent town.


Cabangan is a remarkable town where the river kisses the West Philippine Sea. It is a place where breath-taking mountain merges with the rivers and seas, a perfect place for fishing and coral diving, mountain climbing or merely to relax and admire God’s natural creation.



At night you shall sea thousands of stars along with the soft whisper of fresh salt air.


And at dawn you get this awesome view of this beautiful sunrise as you watch fisherman haul their catch for the day.


You can also find the best sea food such as prawns, crabs, sea urchins, and fish sold at a most reasonable price perfect for a barbecue at the beach.


At sunset, you can just serenely sit by the shore and watch the sun make love to the sea. It truly is a sight to behold.



Yes, there are a lot of great things to mention about this place. From its lush mountain tops, to its breathtaking ocean view, there is no arguing the Cabangan is one of the places you should definitely check out for the Holidays.



(Obligatory vacation picture. yay.)




If I could be that person

If I could find the right words,

I’d write poetry about your eyes,

And how they leave me breathless,

Those captivating pools of green,

That tells stories which seem endless.

If I had the right melody,

I’d sing about your voice,

And how your whispers make my heart beat.

I’d sing a thousand symphonies,

Just to hear you speak.

If I had the touch,

I’d preserve your image,

In a canvas,

In clay,

That would last for all of time.

But, no artist could ever do justice,

Of the masterpiece that lies before my eyes.

And if I had the strength,

I’d take you in my arms

And offer you protection.

You’re more beautiful than any poetry,

You’re the best song ever played,

You’re beauty puts all art to shame.

You’re everything,

You’re perfection.

Life update: To sleep perchance to dream

So since my life has been devastatingly boring, and the only interesting thing that has happened to me only happened in my dream…that’s what I’m gonna focus  on in this post.

The dream I had last week involved me being in a deserted and unfamiliar town. I could see houses, street lamps, buildings and things that make up a town, or a city, or whatever the place was…everything but people. I was alone, and I was aware that I was alone, but I wasn’t aware that I was aware that I was alone. You guys get that, right? OK. Anyway, I was walking around, I don’t know where I was going. Maybe I was exploring, maybe I was trying to find my way out, I don’t know. The thing is, even though I was lost in a creepy,deserted town, I wasn’t scared…I wasn’t anything. I wasn’t freaking out, I wasn’t wondering where the hell I was, I was just walking..and the only time I realize that something was amiss is when I was about to wake up.

I have been the same sort of dream since I could remember and through the years I have known, all my dreams follow the same formula:

Libraries/Book store

Being trapped in an unfamiliar place/house


And though there wasn’t any books in this particular dream, it still followed the last two elements.

Why do I keep getting the same dreams over and over? I don’t know. What are those dreams trying to tell me? I’m gonna find out…but not right now. But I will. I’m kinda scared to know though. I mean, what if those dreams are saying horrible things about me? or about my future? *shudders*

A part of me wants to know what my dreams mean but another part of me doesn’t want to know. Maybe dreams aren’t meant to be deciphered. Maybe they should just be left as something our crazy subconscious make up. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this.

Well, whatever it is, I’m not looking forward to my next dream,

And I’m also looking forward to my next dream.

Ponderings and plot bunnies.

I consider myself a good writer. I mean, I know I have a long way before I can call myself great but I know I’ve created some decent content and some of those I’m even proud of.

Right now I’m in the middle of writing my recent fanfic and I already posted the first part of the first chapter of my story.

Here’s a snippet:

He remembers those days spent with passion and something that wasn’t quite love yet but he knows was damn close to it.

He remembers cherry stained lips and ocean blue eyes, he remembers freckled kissed hands touching him.

He remembers bodies pressed together on a bed, on a table, at the corner of a library.

He remembers sparkling eyes and breath taking smiles and he remembers how the colors in that person’s eyes turned dull when Erik told them that he was married and expecting a child.

I have wanted to write this  story for a long time now but I was scared of starting a chapter because I don’t want to risk not finishing it and disappointing my readers. Like I did with my last story. I posted 7 chapters, ended the latest chapter on a cliffhanger and never posted the next one. No. I’m not some sort of evil witch. I didn’t post the next chapter because I couldn’t. I wanted to but I couldn’t.

That’s my problem. I get all these ideas in my head. I would get a plot stuck in my brain and imagine how things will unfold, what the characters would do, how everything will happen, but when it’s time to turn thoughts into actual content…I struggle.

And I mean the “how the fuck do I words?” kind of struggle.

I come up with the most beautiful and heart wrenching scene in my head and when I put it on paper it’s like:

“They did stuff. They said some things. One of them cried.”

Sometimes I hate my brain. And I hate that my brain and my hands aren’t as good friends as my mouth and my stomach.

I don’t know what the point of this blog is other than me bitching about how hard writing is, which I already mentioned in my previous post. I guess what I’m trying to say is that creating content isn’t easy. And I know it’s not just writers who go through this, artists, and film makers, and music composers, and every other person who makes things and create projects go through the same moment of “how do I  dothis.” and every time I watch a movie or see a painting or read another person’s fanfic I can’t help but think about the person behind that art and what that person’s been through to complete their work, what kind of process they go through, and how they came to choose their style.

I’m curious and also intrigued because every content creator has that moment, that moment where we forget how to use our talents, where we question our abilities as content creators.

The struggle is real and the struggle is  hard and if anyone who is reading this is going through what I am going through…then hang there.

We have each other.