An essay on gay people. And why hating on them is hella stupid.

I believe homosexuality is not a sin. I believe being gay is not wrong. I believe falling in love with the same gender is not going against God’s will. I always have and I always will. It’s that simple.

So, the point of this article is to go over the arguments against gay people, and give you an insight on why those arguments are wrong.

The first argument against homosexuality is that God doesn’t approve of it. That being gay is a ticket straight to hell.

Well, some people do know a lot about what God wants, huh?

Oh right. They get those ideas from reading the bible.

People always argue over this issue. Those on the opposing side just love to quote the bible just to justify their intolerance. You can’t imagine how homophobic people quote verses from Leviticus just so they can feel good about the hate they’re giving. The sad part about this is homosexuals aren’t the only people getting affected Christians are getting probed as well.

Here’s the thing I am a Christian. I go to Church every Sunday, I take communion and, yes, I read the Bible too and I don’t just skim over it for verses I actually read it. Okay so I don’t read it right now, too busy. But I know enough to know that the reasons they are using against homosexuality is complete and utter bullshit.

Not saying the bible itself is bad I’m saying the way people use it as an excuse to hate others is.

Let’s take a look at a “popular” bible verse against gay people and see just how “relevant” they are.

-“One must not lay with a man as one would lay with a woman. It is an abomination.”( Leviticus 20: 13.)
The people who are against homosexuality must have jumped with joy when they saw this verse. It’s easy for them to say that the Bible condemns homosexuality. While it is true that Leviticus and other verses in the Bible do hint on the fact that same sex relationship could be frowned upon , Jesus Christ, Himself, has never mentioned anything about homosexuality, therefore God never directly said anything negative about gay people.

Let’s not forget that all the verses in the Bible that are against homosexuality were found in the Old Testament. The Old Testament which is filled with rules and laws that doesn’t apply to our century anymore. The Bible does condemn homosexuality. You know what else i condemns? Eating sea food (Leviticus: 11:9 -12) my heart broke when I read that part. I love crabs! The Bible also condemns playing with the skin of a pig (Leviticus: 11:7-8) Bye, bye American football! Gee, the Bible sure condemns a lot of stuff. Do guys see a pattern here?

Another reason they use against homosexuality is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Ok, ok if you read the verse as the verse is written you can easily think that God was condemning the city because they were engaging in homosexual activities. Well, I read the verse too and I almost thought of it that way, until I took the time to study and understand the story. Yes it’s true that some people were engaging in homosexual act but some of them were engaging in heterosexual act as well. The reason why God frowned upon Sodom and Gomorrah was because the people were using sex as a game, and no matter how you look at it sex is supposed to be an act of love and attraction and the fact that they’re using sex as nothing more than a fixture is something that God does not approve of. Another issue which centers on Sodom and Gomorrah is the angel that was almost raped by two men. It’s easy to look at what the two men wanted to do as an act of homosexuality. Here’s the thing: the two men wanted to rape the angel. They didn’t fall in love with him; they wanted to take advantage of him. God wouldn’t have any of that. There’s a chance that that’s the real reason why He condemned Sodom and Gomorrah. It wasn’t because there were homosexuals there. It was because the people are using sex for the wrong reasons.

That and they worship other gods. I respect the Bible as much as I respect the church. But even if the verses there are supposed to be God’s words and God’s messages, the book was still written by men who can misinterpret stories and men who can make mistakes.

I’m not saying we should disregard the Bible. No, I’m saying that we shouldn’t use it to condemn other people.

Also, the bible isn’t a legal document and we should’t base our judgement or any laws on it. Specially if that law is taking away a group of people’s rights and humanity.

Another issue that can be used against gay people is the stories about men raping little boys.

Here’s something that may shock you: Young boys are raped more by straight men rather than gay men. Hard to believe, right? These men rape boys because they are easier to get to, if there were girls near them they would have raped the girls as well.

I might make another blog explaining rape but right now we need to stay on topic. A few important things you need to know about sexual harassment is that it’s not about sexuality or sex, it’s about power. Rapists don’t get off on the sex or their victim’s sexuality, sometimes they don’t get off at all, it’s all about dehumanizing people regardless of their sex and gender.

So, putting gay people in the category of sexual abusers is kind o stupid, specially if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Yes, I know that there are some gay people who take advantage on others, but some heterosexual people do it too. It’s important to take note that there’s always going to be something bad in a certain group of people,but judging the whole group base on that minority of bad kinda makes you a jerk.

Here’s the thing. You can use a lot of excuses; you can give out a lot of reasons why you think homosexuality is wrong. But reading only one side of the story would not help you very much. I’m not trying to shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat by writing this essay.

I’m just saying what I feel and what I believe in. I’ve always believe in agreeing to disagree. To each one’s own, right? For instance, if you don’t like blue berry cheesecake, I would probably think you’re insane because I freaking love blue berry cheesecake! But I will still respect your opinion.

However,when it comes to the rights of a person it’s a different story. If you think that a large portion of population don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else just because they happen to be attracted to the same sex,you’re a douche and you’re opinion doesn’t deserve any respect.

Yes it’s true that opinions should be respected. It’s everyone’s right. But the thing is not all opinions are as simple as preferring ice cream over cake. When your opinion hurts others you need to stand accountable. I have the right to have a different opinion as you. It’s my right to tell you why your opinions are misinformed and hurtful. I have the right to my feelings. There is a right and wrong and being the cause of suffering is wrong. If you’re going to use the Bible against homosexuality, why don’t you go back and read Jesus’ new commandment: Love one another as much as He loves us. These words actually came from Him. He actually said them. His law is plain and simple. He wants us to love one another. Do you think love means sending the gay kid in your school hate mail? Do you think that throwing your own child out just because they support the rights of other people is love? Do you think that telling people that they’re going to hell because they were born a certain way is love? No! It’s not. Love is about acceptance. If you can’t accept others then you can’t love them. So who’s going against God’s will now? The people who just want to live their lives with the people they love or the people who condemn and judge?

A few years from now, our children’s children will look back at the people who believe that homosexual’s can’t get married the same way we look back at the people who used to think that black people and white people can’t be together, the same way we look back at men who used to believe that women don’t have the right to vote, the same way we look back at Hitler and what he did to the Jews, and they will shake their heads in disbelief and in perplexity. A few years from now, the next generation of children will open their History books and will read about gay people being oppressed and deprived of their rights and these children will look at the people who oppressed them with disgust. Here’s my advice for the people who condemn homosexuality, for every Bible screwing thick heads, and for everyone who wants to deprive others of their rights just because you don’t agree with the way they are, open your mind and open your heart. Acceptance is so much better than prejudice. Compassion is so much better than hatred. It’s time to start understanding and stop judging. Because if you keep looking at the world with prejudice in your heart and bigotry in your mind, you might end up in the wrong side of History.